Manuel Pulgar Vidal

Manuel Pulgar Vidal

Leader of Climate and Energy at WWF International

Title: Caring for Nature, We Care for our Climate

Manuel brings his passion and lifetime experience working for the ecology and the economy of the planet to the New Deal for Nature. As the Minister of the Environment to Peru and host to the COP 20 - the Climate Change Conference of Parties that constructed the Road to Paris, Manuel was a seminal force of nature in ensuring at COP 21 in Paris we left with the Paris Climate Agreement.

He shares that we need to respect nature laws and bend the curve of our exploitative, destructive human actions toward nature. We need to realize that we are part of nature.. and that by defining clear targets for protecting nature, for protecting biodiversity; and orienting our behavior rightly as stewards to nature; then we can ensure a healthy biosphere, a healthy economy, and a healthy human society, as well.

By caring for nature, we care for our climate. 30% of the carbon budget is tied to forests, lands, and food. Thus, if we reduce deforestation, adopt more plant-based diets, and regenerate degraded lands; we are already dealing with 30% of the carbon challenge. We also know that our health is tied to the health of the planet.  It is time for a New Deal with Nature.

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