Andrew Liveris

Crisis Creates Leaders at the Intersection of Business-Government-Society

Andrew Liveris, former CEO and Chair of Dow; Board Member to Saudi Aramco

We are living in a world continually impacted by more frequent and intense natural crises -- the earth’s responses to past and current human activity. The good news is that crisis creates leadership, according Andrew Liveris, former CEO and Chair of Dow.

In our conversation at Davos 2020, Andrew gives us hope in alerting us that an intellectual revolution is happening. New models of leadership, business, and governance are being proposed and considered, while new intersections of leadership among formerly isolated groups in government, business, and society are beginning to take shape. We are not there yet; but the good news is that there is economic opportunity in regenerating nature and in turning waste to wealth. Let’s listen to more of what Andrew has to say about collaborating forward on the issues of natural capital, plastic pollution, sustainability, and more.


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