David Nabarro

Combatting COVID 19 with Compassion Series with David Nabarro,

Special Envoy to WHO on COVID 19

Who would have thought before March 11th that our world would be turned upside down by a microscopic virus? But, today we have the COVID19 pandemic crisis well rooted in 199 countries and territories. At the time of my interview Dr. David Nabarro is the Special Envoy on COVID19 to the United Nations and former Executive Secretary to the World Health Organization. At the time of my interview with him there were 333,000 cases, less than 36 hours later the WHO reports 465,915 cases, worldwide. The pace and scale of transmission of COVID19 is extraordinary.

And , we- the citizens of the world, lie at the heart of the solution to break the chains of transmission and bend the global outbreak curve.

Clear from my interview with David is that physical distancing and sheltering in place is mission critical now for every person , everywhere.

As well, its essential to be well ad rightly informed about the virus from the world’s leading experts. Join me in learning from David about the emergence of the corona virus, the cause and casualty of transmission, what it’s going to take (and how long) to mitigate and eradicate this virus, and who we must support- the 59 million health care workers on the ground, risking their lives to take care of the sick.

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