Ocean Protectors

Oceans matter, but the deep blue is under siege by humanity.  We’ve trashed the oceans with nearly 2.4 million tons of plastics. We’ve exploited 80% of the world’s marine wildlife. 

Thankfully, this year the oceans have been featured across global media and protecting the oceans has become a major global priority. National governments are stepping up around the world to support the blue economy. Many countries are investing in expanding marine protected areas.

Ocean's Day at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, Catherine Cunningham interviews Jim Leape and Marco Lambertini, past and present director generals of WWF International; Marc Benioff, Chair of Salesforce and Founder of the Benioff Ocean Institute @ the UC Santa Barbara; and Prince Albert II of Monoco, a lifetime ocean ambassador. 

Let's hear what they had to say. Happy Ocean's Day.

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