Aron Cramer

Creating a World that Genuinely Works for Everyone and Respects Nature's Boundaries

Aron Cramer

President and CEO, Business for Social Responsibility

The world is changing very fast. Businesses are building technologies at lightning speed that enable connection and agency; but it’s really important for development teams to engage social scientists and experts in cultural transformation to understand better the entire social picture of a technology before it goes to market. The problem is that institutional understanding and system’s thinking approaches to the deployment and use of technology lag well behind the pace, scale, and rate of change happening in technology. Imagine, there are 2.6 billion users now on Facebook. And, over 50% of the world is connected on the internet. Globalization and connection are good; when done right and when technologies provide a positive social, economic, or environmental benefit. Take for example, Indian rural dwellers using voice recognition to communicate more effectively to others in different languages and dialects. That’s a service. And even if we can’t remove 100% of the negative and false cyberbot activity on the internet; we can do a lot to remove much of the misinformation, Aron suggests. We just need to stay true and business accountable to developing a world forward the genuinely works for everyone and respects nature’s boundaries.

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