Chris Luebkeman

Chris Luebkeman

ARUP Fellow, Global Director of Foresight and Innovation at ARUP

Foresight on Digital Technologies and Design to Create a Regenerative Renaissance in Society


We know that we need to decarbonize our world.

We know that we need to re-design our urban communities according to regenerative principles.

We know that the human context matters when we are re-imagining our transportation infrastructure to be most efficient.

We know that our datasets for earth observation are now incredibly robust and reliable; so we can track our global footprint and the footprint of our ancestors on the natural world now with great precision.


We know that our linear, one-way, throw away society is a dead end for our human civilization; literally.


We recognize that natural systems are crashing and that we have created a more toxic environment for life to thrive by polluting our air and water, however unintentionally. But, we also know that young people are depending on us to use our collective intelligence and act on solutions that course-correct our planetary impact… according to scientific targets.


Welcome to our Natural Intelligence Worldwide Podcast,

where I’ve interviewed some of the most committed and intelligent individuals on the planet

to help provide insight on the state of our planet and

foresight on how to live as good humans, part of the natural biosphere and a new renaissance in regenerative design.


How is artificial intelligence helping us better query more robust, reliable datasets to understand transportation patterns?


How can we shift our perception on carbon and ensure we hit science-based targets to effectively decarbonize our world?


How can we re-frame waste as wealth to design non-linear loops to re-allocate resources in a circular economy?


These are some of the questions we’ll answer in our NIW podcast today on:

Foresight on Digital Technologies and Design to Create a Regenerative Renaissance in Society

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