Danni Washington

Passion for the Planet and Optimism for the Oceans

Danni Washington

Science Communicator and TV Host


Danni Washington is the first African-American woman of color to host an American science TV series. Deeply passionate about understanding the natural world and inspiring others to connect to nature, Danni continues to be a positive role model and voice of the future for a healthy planet on land and in the ocean.

I caught up with Danni as she was hosting conversations with young global leaders  during the UN Youth Climate Summit in NYC. The youth were sharing their concerns, hopes, dreams for a carbon neutral future.

In our conversation, we both agreed that this generation of young activists are  “woke” and intelligent and bring great value to the conversation on climate solutions here and now…Why?

The youth today realize that they are the generation to live with the future we manifest with our actions today to decarbonize our world and regenerate natural ecosystems.

Particularly drawn to the ocean, Danni shares with us her personal moment of clarity and commitment; when she knew that she would dedicate herself to ocean conservation through media and digital influence.

I just loved the spirit and energy of this interview; let’s listen in. Enjoy.

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