David Miliband

Rescuing the Humanity of Humanity

David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee.


David is a former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom. As the son of refugees, he brings a personal commitment to IRC’s work. As today is the UN’s World Refugee Day; we wanted to spotlight a few statements made by David in our interview; which we will replay in full later in August 2019.


According the UNHCR UN Refugee Agency, 68.5 million people are forcibly displaced in the world. The developing world is host to 85% displaced people with Iran, Lebanon, Uganda, and Turkey being the top refugee-hosting countries. Thus, even though Western Europe has experienced an influx of refugees (many climate refugees fleeing damaged, destroyed, or drought-ridden environments); Western countries have not born the burden of migration. Second, the young, hearty, determined, and physically strong refugees survive the transition and relocate successfully. Thus,one would imagine that these people would be high value contributors to receiving countries when given the opportunity.


David Miliband, President and CEO, of the International Rescue Committee; speaks to us about the need for more and better aid needed to rescue refugees. He calls for the integration of 68.5 million people displaced by conflict or persecution back into society in healthy, positive, and progressive ways with smart money focused on education. 


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