M. Sanjayan

M Sanjayan; CEO, Conservation International

We Need a New Deal with Nature

We’ve already noted the unconscionable loss of species abundance @ 60% among animals in the last 40-50 years (WWF Living Index, 2019). Nearly 20% of our tropical forest ecosystems have also been degraded or destroyed in a similar time frame. Why do we need a New Deal with NatureNature is the Real Deal. For one, forest ecosystems alone can drawdown 10 gigatons of CO2/ year– nearly 25% of the 40 gigatons of CO2/year we need to take out of the atmosphere to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Imagine! “But sadly now, if current tropical forest emissions from deforestation were a country, it would be behind China.” M. Sanjayan So, what do we do? We conserve our healthy forests, rejuvenate degraded forests, and reforest denuded lands to recover 30% of that lost carbon. We also innovate new ways companies can offset their carbon footprints by sponsoring conservation projects, while inspiring greater private resources- currently less than the marketing budget of a block-buster film, to go into ocean and land conservation.

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