Naomi Oreskes

They Made a Mistake Attacking an Historian-Truth in the History and Science of Climate Revealed

Naomi Oreskes, Professor of History and Science

Naomi Oreskes is a professor of History and Science at Harvard University. She is the author of numerous publications and books; including, Merchants of Doubt (also a documentary film).

Her research areas of focus include: History of Environmental Sciences, Science Policy, Philosophy of Science, Science and Religion, STS, Technology and Society, Women and Gender Studies.

Naomi is a world-renowned geologist, historian and public speaker. She is also a leading voice on the role of science in society and the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

She speaks to us today on a number of topics, including: the universal agreement in the scientific community on the reality of climate change; organized disinformation to discredit climate change, and the internet as a pointer to peer-reviewed, scientifically-vetted,  information; rather than an information source itself, vulnerable to corruption. 

In her interview, Naomi reveals her terrifying story about the unholy alliance between oil and gas interests and conservative think tanks; whose collusion and disorienting communications- media tactics (she discovered) closely resemble those the tobacco industry used years earlier.

She agues that while digital media has expanded conversation on environmental and social issues to a global society and has given voice to many silenced before; the technology remains vulnerable to corruption. Thus, disinformation can spread like wildfire on the internet. Her Solution: Use social media as hooks to point to peer-reviewed, scientific information and journal articles, which are well vetted.

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