Richard Socher

Richard Socher

Chief Scientist, Salesforce

The Future of Artificial Intelligence is Bright

If you are curious about the future of AI and how AI both reflects the truth of humanity and propels us forward as a species; our interview with Richard Socher is for you. In this podcast we explore AI — advancing us toward a world where manufacturing and services are optimized for automation across industries from health to finance to food to agriculture.

In our interview, Richard uses tangible examples of AI plus X in healthcare, finance, agriculture to avoid speaking about AI in the abstract. He also shares how different industries are viewing AI. For example, in healthcare, jobs are not the issue with AI, as much as delivering highest quality health benefit to patients as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In his thoughtful remarks on training data and machine learning, Richard warns against biases integrated into the AI models  and encourages careful and conscious evaluation of data and algorithms we use to train them. We talk about the perception and use of AI technology in different countries and how that will inevitably shape our future cultures and countries.

Acknowledging the challenges of AI, Richard enthusiastically expresses the incredible opportunity for humanity to unlock greater creativity in the workforce. Although we don’t yet know what those “new jobs” will be in an AI future; we can expect that the efficiencies AI creates with mundane, manual tasks may lead to upwards of 85% new job opportunities.

Further in this power-packed conversation; Richard offers a few ways to become AI Ready. He also shares ways AI is being used today on land and sea to reduce deforestation and loss of marine wildlife- to meet the world’s greatest environmental and social challenges. Finally, he closes with what makes him so excited about AI today and tomorrow. So, tune in to learn more about the bright future of AI.


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