TP Chopra

Tejpreet Chopra

President and CEO, Bharat Light and Power

Empowering 1 Billion People in India with Clean Energy in Smart Ways

Imagine a world where IOT (Internet of Things) platforms link your electric vehicle to your home energy management system to your energy storage and distribution system. Imagine the digitization of renewable energy production lines that optimize transmission of energy across communities by readily predicting failures or generation errors. Imagine the major oil and gas companies shifting their portfolios over to renewable, clean energy and electrifying the world.

Welcome to the future. It is already here. And why is it here? People like TP Chopra, President and CEO of the Bharat Light & Power group are committed to powering 1 Billion people in India with renewable energy. According to TP, investment in renewable energy has doubled in the last century; and NEW Chinese investments account for a significant part of that growth. Meanwhile, the cost of solar and wind production have dropped rapidly and significantly. In India the cost of solar energy is 3.5 US cents for every KW hour. In fact the cost is so low that governments have to now create other incentives for investors to get a fair return on their future investment…. and maybe that means investment will shift more toward transformative advances in the AI and IOT technologies which are ensuring that power is delivered optimally, efficiently, effectively, and safely.

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