Yale Health Experts

On Dispelling Dark Psychic Forces- Creating Mindfulness and Joy

Laurie Santos, Professor of psychology and cognitive sciences at Yale University

Hedy Kober, Expert on Mindfulness @ the Clinical and Effective Neuroscience Lab, Yale University

Molly Crockett, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cambridge University


How can we become more mindful of our actions and compassionate with our speech?

How can we dispel those “dark psychic forces” Marianne Williamson called out in the US Democratic Debates, alive in our world today; in order to create a more just, peaceful, brilliant world tomorrow? It’s crystal clear that citizens of the US and the world are hungry for moral leadership. We are seeking guidance to transform future fears about climate change, the unraveling of our biosphere, personal prosperity, and dignity lost… into fruitful actions with positive outcomes for all.

I am grateful to have with us today on our Natural Intelligence Worldwide podcast  three world experts on mindfulness and joy- Laurie Santos, Hedy Kober, and Molly Crockett. Together, they ran the hugely popular Ideas Lab on the Science of Happiness at Davos where we met this year. And, today we dive into a variety of important health and wellness topics; answering questions, like:

What’s the recipe for healthy life balance in order to optimize good decision-making and positive, productive dialogue?

How are we most effective in getting people on board the Climate Action and New Deal for Nature train in meaningful, transformative ways?

How do we create true empathy among world leaders for people vulnerable to the affects of war, climate change, environmental degradation; so abundant investment goes toward building resilience and positively impacting underdeveloped communities?

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