Zvika Krieger

How will the Lightning Fast Speed of Technology Strike Society?

Zvika Krieger, Head of Technology, Policy, and Partnership @ the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, World Economic Forum

The world and the world of technology is changing so fast. And, the question is: Can society keep up? How? Do we have the governance infrastructure and the policy frameworks in place to ensure that technology serves the greatest common good?

The Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution was created (seemingly overnight) by the World Economic Forum to ensure that there is a global governance architecture in place; so technology developed around the world:

benefits all humans

supports all life in the biosphere

is unbiased

is non-destructive to the environment

is agile, adaptive, and inter-operable….

In our interview today, Zvika Krieger, the Head of Technology, Policy, and partnership at the Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution.. shares with us his thoughts about how the Center can create the right environment and necessary multi-stakeholder discussions to mitigate technology used for bad purpose; and inspire technology used for good purpose in agile, adaptive, and inter-operable ways. From AI to IOT and cyber-security, my conversation with Zvika is a fast and fascinating one.

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