Jennifer Morgan

It’s Education & Political Will, Stupid: Divesting from Fossil Fuels and Investing in Green, Clean, Renewable Energy is Simply Smart

Now that we know with the corona virus—that when the world is faced with a global threat, perceived unilaterally by all as a global threat; governments can- in fact, move relatively swiftly; perhaps not always rightly, but relatively swiftly and forcibly, to mobilize and regulate large populations.

When in our lifetimes have we witnessed a widespread shutdown of business and travel; and legally enforcible home- neighborhood lockdown? Not in my lifetime…

Thus it begs the question: in the wake of the corona virus, how can governments apply these lock-down strategies and enforce these same regulations on business to shift from a still dominant fossil fuel economy powered by petroleum based oil, gas, and coal to a clean, renewable energy economy running on a global grid?

Undeniably, this energy transition now makes social, environmental, AND also economic sense… So, what’s holding us back? Why have banks continued to invest 1.4 trillion USD in future fossil fuel investments this year? Especially, when they know that the RE energy transition is happening and that these energy assets will soon be stranded assets?

Long Time climate action expert, Jennifer Morgan, now the CEO of Greenpeace International joins me to share her reflections on “Why”.


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