Jim Leape

Diving Deep:

How Technology and Near Real-Time Data Capture Helps us Dynamically Manage Fishing Operations and Ocean Ecosystems


The earth’s ocean comprises 70% of the earth’s surface and is 3700 m deep (on average) and 10 trillion times more opaque than the earth’s atmosphere. What this means is that historically we have known very little about the vast ocean ecosystem, let alone its health. However, now given the constellation of 1000’s of low level satellites-equipped with different sensing devices distributed around the earth, recently we have begun to learn a lot more. In my interview with Jim Leape, the Co-Director for Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions, he shares with us a few emerging technologies that are allowing companies that buy seafood and governments that regulate international waters to better understand the provenance of the fish and identify illegal fishing operations. Join me for this fascinating underwater exploration of technology that is driving the more dynamic and transparent management of our ocean ecosystem.

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