Marco Lambertini

Rumblings on the New Bio Economy- A Cultural Revolution Happening

We inherently know that we are connected to one another and the natural world. We also know that we suffer—emotionally, biophysically, socially, and economically when we disconnect from nature.

Yet, we have advanced our human civilization in competition with nature, extracting earth resources as if they were infinite, polluting our ecosystems as if they were too big to fail, and exploiting wildlife as if extinction was only a dinosaur myth from the past.

Now, as we are too many people, taking too much from nature without giving back. We are driving the biosphere to the edge of collapse. We have altered 3/4th of the planet; risking not only the wellbeing of other plants and animals, but risking our own Homo sapiens (Wise human) species.

Now, we need a new cultural narrative. We need to advance our human civilization in collaboration with nature. We need to grow our global economy, societies, and businesses with a clear commitment to conserve nature and to recover ecosystem integrity.

A new deal for nature and people now seems to require not just protection, but regeneration of degraded, damaged and developed systems. The good news is that the business opportunities to adopt this new deal narrative are infinite in the new bio- based economy…

And, as $ 44 trillion USD (or half the GDP of the planet) are dependent on healthy, thriving ecosystems; then business can’t afford to wait. Investors in the future of business and businesses themselves must adapt and include nature in their calculations or risk their own demise.

Time to Evolve.

What can you do? Listen into my interview with Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International and find out how.

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