Peter Seligmann

Indigenous Peoples- Guardians of Human+Nature Health

Part I

Our earth, what have we done to our earth? Oh, nature will survive. The real question is: What have we done to ourselves?

Is COVID 19- nature’s wake up call, an opportunity to look at our world, the pace and purpose of our lives, the drivers of our market-based economy, and the impacts of our peoples on our planet?

What can we learn from Indigenous Peoples about re-creating our human+nature relationship with humility? What can we learn from Indigenous Peoples about regenerating the natural places we love? What can we learn from Indigenous Peoples about rising above the fear, the force of a common threat to build communal resilience and common respect for every living creature on the planet?

Rising from COVID19,  as I believe we will, we have an historic opportunity to learn about how to be a thriving people in thriving places— we call home. We can evolve to become a new humane humanity if we would only stop, look, and listen to the ways and wisdom of Indigenous Peoples all over the world. They are responsible for protecting nearly 80% of the intact ecosystems in our biosphere. They are the true guardians of earth’s vital ecosystems. They are the secret to our recovery from pandemic diseases, like COVID19 and other global threats, like climate change.

They are the people who are going to bring us back to human+nature health. Let’s listen to what Peter Seligmann, Chair of Conservation International and CEO of Nia Tero has to tell us about how he and his poly-culture organization are going to help bring humanity back to health— back to real life on a thriving planet.

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