There's No Planet B or Ocean Z:

It’s Time to Truly See Protecting Sea for What it Means to You and Me

Prince Albert II of Monaco

Clearly important to acting on climate is educating ourselves, sharing our knowledge, and reducing our carbon footprint in our daily lives. This means being awake and award of: What we buy? How we move? Where we use energy? How we zero-out and eliminate all waste? Cleary important for us to now know as humans is that we have tipped the natural order of life quite far, so far, so as to jeopardize our own survival… and our children’s future. In my interview with Prince Albert  of Monoco we talk about:


  • educating ourselves and acting on climate;
  • why biodiversity loss is so important to us;
  • climate solutions local, regional, and national leaders can take in cities;
  • the importance of legacy; and vision for 2050.


If our human civilization needs to decarbonize our lifestyles to become carbon neutral by 2050… that means all of us.

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