Climate-Nature Action

Visionary leaders share their insights in Davos 2019 on how to play our chess game with natura and climate forward in order that everyone wins, and together we thrive as a global society, living in harmony with one another and nature.

Christiana Figueres (former executive secretary to the UNFCCC who was a seminal figure in advancing the Paris Climate Agreement) contends that we are in a race with climate change and nature has picked up the pace. We now have to double-down on our carbon emissions and across all industries- all sectors of society, and, all walks of life- exponentially decarbonizing our economies. Achim Steiner (Director of UNDP) stresses that we need to become more intelligent now re-designing a system- a new deal with nature that not only feeds and supports the 7.7 billion people on the planet, but that supports the life system of our planet. Brune Poirson (Secretary State- Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Energy) takes Achim’s vision into a strategic discussion with me, asserting that we need to create a new society- one founded on new nature-based values with new ways of doing business- whose first consideration is what is best for nature and people.

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